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I Lend You People Manga

<b>You</b> People

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Well, I'm just a small boy with an affinity for manga. You people like them too. I have them. It all makes sense now..

Affinity for Manga (This spell costs (1) less to pay for each Manga in play. No cheap Magic: The Gathering references may be used to counter this spell)
, a fire inside, afi, altoids, angel tokens, angelic layer, anime, bacon, battle royale, ben kweller, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, bloody coups, bonus stage, bright eyes, buddhism, cake, cats on mars, cheese, cheese cake, chobits, circle of protection: fresca, clamp manga, communism, conor oberst, cookies, copa cobana, couch slave productions, cowboy bebob, cowboy bebop, cuddling, cute noises, cute things, dance dance revolution, dandy warhols, daria, dashboard confesional, dashboard confessional, davey havok, ddr, donnie darko, duct tape, duct tape swords, earthbound, ein, enloe high school, excel saga, final fantasy, final fantasy tactics, final fantasy tactics advance, fire, flcl, foam weaponry, goblin piledriver, goblins, gravitation, high elbow, high elbows, high score, high score online, homestar runner, incubus, invader zim, japanese, jinxed choker, john kerry, kids in the hall, kodocha, kodomo no omocha, legos, long swords, lucky charms, m:tg, magic knight rayearth, magic: the gathering, mel brooks, mirrodin, modest mouse, moogles, moogles with guns, mwar, nick 13, nintendo ds, not killing kenny, nyar, omlettes, orwell, outlaw star, para kisu, paradise kiss, penguins, penny arcade, pet shop of horrors, petshop of horrors, pita-ten, pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, punk rock, radical edward, ramen, rancid, red lunch, saftey dance, sailor moon, sailor moon yuri, sailor saturn, saves the day, saving tokyo mew mew, sexual harassment panda, sexy rock snobs, sheep, shonen ai, shoujo kakumei utena, shoujo-ai, silly putty, snow drop, socialism, soul calibur 2, super high score, sxe, system of a down, taking back sunday, the beatles, the buddhist, the cheat, the hellen rittlemeyer anomaly, the long winters, the mwar dragon, the nightmare before christmas, thursday, tiger army, toast, tokyo mew mew, tomoe hotaru, trigun, twist ties, vampire game, vash the stampede, video games, waffles, wild act, wolfwood, your mom, your mother, yuri, zelda, über